The Gods of the Dragonball universe

In the Dragonball series the afterlife and God's are mentioned alot and appear in the series too. This section explains the Gods and what they control.

Dai-Kaio-Shin is the ruler of everything and is the highest God, then there are the four Kaio-Shins they control a section of the galaxy North, South, East and West, in each galaxy there are four Dai-Kaios that control a solar system, in each solar system there are four Kaios who control a section of the solar system. Also there is Emma-Daio the God who judges peoples souls at the city of Hades, and Rou Kaio-Shin. Also every planet has a God who protects it called Kami.
Unfortunatly not many of the God's exist anymore as all but the Dai-Kaio-Shin and the East sectors Gods were destroyed or absorbed by Buu when he went on a rampage destroying all of the North, South and West sections of the galaxy way before the time of Dragon Ball.

Here is a table of all the God's that were originaly alive.

Table Of Gods