Garlic Junior Saga

The Namek Saga was the second Saga in Dragonball Z. The Namek Saga is one of the longest sagas in Dragonball Z and has from when Vegeta is beaten to when Goku arrives on Namek. I have a list of the episodes and a summary of everything that happens in it. The Namek Saga has episodes 27-53 in it.

Episode List

  1. The Heavens Tremble
  2. Black Fog of Terror
  3. Battle in Kami's Lookout
  4. Fight With Piccolo
  5. Call for Restoration
  6. Suicidal Course
  7. Extreme Measures
  8. The World Awakens
  9. Brief Chance for Victory
  10. Krillen's Proposal

Saga Summary

The battle continuesÖ

The Z fighters are back on Earth, and Goku reportedly has survived Namek's explosion and is on his way home. Things are peaceful and then trouble arrives.

Garlic Jr has amazingly escaped the Dead Zone, where he has been trapped. Now he and his henchmen the Spice Boys (Vinegar, Mustard, Spice, and Salt) plan to eliminate Kami, the originator of the Earth's Dragon Balls. Garlic Jr arrives on Kami's Lookout and entraps both Kami and his assistant, Mr. Popo in small glass bottles. With the guardian of Earth trapped, Garlic Jr releases the "Blackwater Mist" which, when breathed in, causes people to turn into evil beings. As Garlic Jr releases the Blackwater Mist over the land, people begin to change. They come totally under the spell of Garlic Jr and his henchmen.

Gohan, Krillin and Maron (Krillin's new girlfriend) were swimming in the ocean as the mist descends, and consequently escaped the bad effects of the mist. However, the rest of the Dragon Ball Z gang who are on Master Roshi's island are not so lucky. Master Roshi, Chi-Chi, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong and Bulma all fall prey to Garlic Jr's evil plan and are transformed. A battle ensues between those transformed and those who managed to escape the mist. Maron, Krillin and Gohan are seriously outnumbered, and things look grim.

How can Earth survive?

Fortunately Piccolo comes to help. As Piccolo holds off the attackers, he instructs Krillin and Gohan to take off and retrieve the Sacred Water. Only the Sacred Water can reverse the evil effects of the Blackwater Mist. Maron also insists on going, despite Krillin's strong objections. Krillin, Gohan and Maron first stop at Korin's Tower, leaving Yajirobe and Korin to look after Maron. Afterwards they go to Kami's Lookout. Here they are ambushed by Garlic Jr and his henchmen, the Spice Boys. Joining Garlic Jr's evil entourage is Piccolo, who appears to have been transformed into a monster. As the battle rages between the two groups, Piccolo surprises everyone. He had only been pretending to be a savage monster. As a result, he breaks the bottles holding Kami and Mr. Popo, setting them free.

Kami sets out with Mr. Popo to retrieve the Sacred Water, but to do so they'll have to cross the Graveyard of Guardians, where all the previous guardians of Earth reside. The trip is very perilous but together they manage to retrieve the Sacred Water. Upon releasing the Sacred Water, the Earthlings revert to normal. Garlic Jr transforms into a raging beast and all looks grim because Garlic Jr is immortal. He is eventually trapped once again in the Dead Zone Vortex.

Krillin announces that he and his girlfriend, Maron are almost engaged. In order to make her happy he decides to get a Mermaid's Tear (pearl). However, upon seeing the pearl, Krillin changes his mind and leaves the pearl to the nice fish who are protecting it. Maron (who is always quick to flirt with others) sees a handsome hunk in a sports car and takes off with him. Heartbroken, Krillin convinces himself it was for the best anyway. During this saga, Goku is still on his way back from Namek on the spaceship.

That is the FUNimation saga summary but this is my summary.

Gohan is swimming and Krillen turns up with a new girlfriend who is very pretty but a bit dumb! Everyone is having a party, so Gohan sneaks out of his house to go to it. On Kamiís lookout, Garlic Jr turns up and puts Popo in a glass bottle. Kami meets Piccolo and asks him if he wants to be the guardian of Earth. Piccolo says no, but warns Kami that danger is about. Kami returns to the lookout and is also put in a glass bottle. Garlic Jr and his goons (the Spice Boys) release the black water mist, which turns everyone evil apart from Gohan who is in a cave with his dragon, blocked up, and Krillen and his girlfriend Maron who are swimming. Gohan goes to a forest and wonders why all the creatures try to bite him. He bumps into Krillen and Maron on his way to the party. When they get to the island, they all have purple eyes, fangs and look generally evil. Krillen and Gohan think they are just angry until Chi Chi starts attacking Gohan; Yamcha and Bulma are trying to kill Krillen and Master Roshi is after Maron. Eventually, the Spice Boys turn up and explain that their friends are under their control because of the black water mist. Piccolo tells Gohan, Krillen and Maron to go to Kamiís lookout. Maron comes on Gohanís dragon, but is left at Korinís Tower. Back at the fight there is a short struggle, which ends with Piccolo getting bitten by Yamcha, Bulma and Master Roshi. Gohan and Krillen arrive at the lookout to discover that it has been wrecked. Garlic Jr appears, and then Gohan and Krillen fly to attack but are stopped by Piccolo who has been turned evil by getting bitten (You turn evil if you get bitten by someone who has inhaled the black water mist). Two of the Spice Boys fight Gohan and Krillen but are killed when Gohan gets angry after Krillen is injured. Piccolo fights Gohan, beating him up and turning Krillen evil too. Garlic Jr asks for Gohan to be left so he can finish him off. Piccolo grabs the bottles with Kami and Popo, freeing them, revealing that Krillen and him had planned the rescue, and had not really been turned evil. While this has been happening, Vegeta is touring the Solar System, killing all of Friezaís allies, saying that he is dead and looking for Goku because he wants to become a Super Saiyan back on Earth. Kami and Popo leave to go to the place in the middle of the lookout where all air currents are because if they are released, normally it would not reach everywhere in time. The problem is that the dead guardians of the Earth are buried there and if Kami falls asleep he will be stuck there forever. In Korinís Tower, Korin and Yajirobe are trying to show whoís best by cooking dinner while Maron does aerobics. Gohan, Krillen and Piccolo are fighting Garlic Jr and the two remaining Spice Boys. Piccolo is beating Garlic Jr, but the others arenít doing too well. When the Makis star shows up, Garlic Jr is healed and turns massive and becomes very powerful. The Spice Boys get bigger but are defeated by Gohan. Piccolo grows to the same size as Garlic Jr and is winning easily. but in the middle of the lookout, previous guardians are zapping Kami, so Piccoloís power goes down. They each have a go at defeating Garlic Jr; they canít win, but eventually Garlic Jr opens the deadzone. Kami is being zapped by four of the guardians and is fading away as well as Piccolo. Popo runs and puts the sacred water on the pipe in time, meaning everyone goes back to normal (This is why Garlic Jr opens the dead zone: because his plan failed). Gohan puts up a shield, but Piccolo and Krillen tell him to put it down and blow up the Makio star where Garlic Jr gets his power from. Gohan doesnít want to because they will get sucked away until they fly out of the shield. Gohan blows up the Makis star and Garlic Jr gets sucked in for eternity. In the last episode, Krillen thinks about marrying Maron. In the end he decides to let her go because he is not good enough for her, but afterwards Maron says she would have said yes because he is so cute and nice. She then gets picked up by some guy in a nice car and leaves Krillen.