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This web site is my hompage to all things Dragonball Z. I have information on the main characters and sagas, some pictures, an episode list, and information on the Dragonball Z universe.

This is my first try at a web site and I don't know much but I hope you enjoy the pages. I am trying to get some games, animated gifs and maybe even movies. ENJOY!!!!!

By James Waterworth, your friendly web page designer and Dragonball Z fan.

Web Site News - 21 June

I've moved the attacks, power levels and saiyan levels into the Dragon Ball Universe Section to make the Nav Bar shorter, I haven't deleted them as somone thought.

Web Site News - 19 June

I've made some small changes around the site to make it look right in Netscape and Opera as well as IE. Let me know if you see anything that still looks strange.

My Pictures

Here are some pictures I drew myself. There will be more as soon as I draw them.
SS3 Goku by James SS Goku by James SS2 Goku by James

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