Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Purple
Race: Saiyan/Human

SS Older Trunks

Trunks appears quite late in the DBZ program. He is waiting for Goku back on Earth after Goku defeats Frieza. Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma's child who has come from the future to warn everyone about the terror to come and to give Goku medicine for his heart which otherwise would have made him un able to defeat the androids.

SS Trunks Saiyan Armour

In Trunk's past and the Z team's future the entire Z team are killed except for Gohan himself Trunks and Goku who was unable to fight due to problems with is heart.

Trunks Stance

Trunk's was trained up by Gohan until he could turn into a Super Saiyan when the androids came back Gohan believes he can kill them he knock's out Trunk's to protect him and to stop him from being killed fighting. Gohan was killed in the fight and Trunk's goes to his mother who builds him a time machine believing that if Goku had been able to fight he would have killed the androids. So he goes back 20 years to change the future.

Trunks Selection

When Goku turns up on Earth so does King Cold who is looking for revenge after his son Frieza was killed. Trunks changes to a Super Saiyan and defeats them single handedly with ease. Trunk's is like his father being aggressive and hard but Trunks is Polite and well mannered. Trunk's was anxious to meet his father as he had never seen him when he did he was pleased and disappointed at the same time.

One of the few times Vegeta shows his emotions is when Trunk's is killed by Cell when this happens Vegeta's attacks cell screaming. After cell is defeated Trunk's is brought back to life and goes back to his own timeline he trained so much that he defeats the androids in his timeline without much trouble.

That Trunks is called Mira Trunks (Mira means future). There is another Trunks in the Dragonball Z world who is born while Mira Trunks is there he is called Chibi Trunks (Chibi means present). I am only writing about Mira Trunks.