Eyes: Black
Hair: None (Shiny green bald head)
Race: Nameck

Piccolo Attacking

Piccolo is a Nameck. He is in ways Kami's son because in the Dragon Ball program to become the god of Earth he has to rid himself of all the evil in him when he did this he created Piccolo, this is why Piccolo is evil at first, in the Imperfect Cell saga he re fuses with Kami the create Kamicolo who is just called Piccolo in the end. Kame is the god and protector of Earth until Kami re fuses with Piccolo so then Dende becomes the God of Earth. If Piccolo dies unfortunately so does Kame which means no Dragon Balls until Dende takes over meaning that it then only matters if Dende dies. Piccolo doesn't go to planet Nameck until late in the Frieza saga when he is wished back to life and to planet Nameck by Gohan and Krillin to help in the battle against Frieza. In his life Piccolo merges with two people Nail to help fight Frieza and with Kame.

Piccolo Stance

Piccolo is the strongest Nameck alive and is not that far behind Goku on a powerlevel chart. Piccolo has always been a rival with Goku but like Vegeta becomes one of his close friends. They first join together in some of the first episodes to defeat Raditz Goku's older brother. Although Piccolo does kill Goku at the same time as killing Raditz.

Piccolo has always been close friends with Gohan and has a reputation for saving his ass. In the first episodes Piccolo takes Gohan to do a kind of training (I would not call leaving a small boy in a uninhabited area of Earth full of dinosaurs and wild creatures to fend for himself training personally, although it does work eventually).

Piccolo is quite stubborn a bit like Vegeta and has a large ego but can be kind and is a good fighter. Usually wears a cape and a round hat with trousers like Goku's but purple and a purple top like Goku's but without the symbol just plain, also has brown shows and a blue belt type piece of cloth worn around his waste. Gohan likes Piccolo and respects him so much that he often wears the same clothes as him.